Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mail came

I was very fortunate this morning. The mailman delivered goodies to me.

This little Polish snowman with the smile, Iwo, is a creation of Agnieska. Here's her Flikr site and her Etsy site. I was introduced to this wonderful felter, who creates such cute little creatures, by Bumblevee, a western Canadian blogger who, herself, makes cute little felted creatures and also more human looking friends.

And then, there are these.

Little puffs by Karen Ruane, better known as the Contemporary Embroiderer. I won these little puffs and chose to have printed fabric in them.

Here's a close-up of Karen's work. The tails are on there so that I can attach them onto something. I have a feeling I should make something special just for these little beauties. Go check out Karen's blog if you don't know about it already and perhaps sign up for one of her wonderful classes. I took her button class and learned so much.


  1. Cute little snowman! I have known Karen for ages and love her work and materials. I even have some of her puffs safely on display in a beautiful glass jar.

  2. What gorgeous mail you got! That little snowman's face is way too sweet - love him!

  3. Lovely stuff:) Thanks for the link to Karen's blog.

  4. Isn't it fun when the mailbox holds something besides junk mail and bills!!

  5. Hey! there's my little guy's cousin! ... cute.... I love the little faces she gives them....and the knitted toques and scarves are the perfect addition.

    Hmmm... cute little puffs.... what are they for? Must go have a look at her blog now.... hahah... no wonder I get nothing done...this blog hopping is just too much fun....

  6. Wow.... went to look at her work.... love all the white on white... maybe it would be fun to take one of her classes....I used to do some embroidery as a kid.. haven't really done any for years now....but, always loved it....

  7. Think we will be making our own snowmen soon :-) But your little guy is a little sweetie :-)
    Oh, PUFFS.... always great to have something "nice" through the door at the start of the year :-) X X X

  8. Just dropped in to catch up with you!


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