Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby quilts - pending

I have a couple of tops that I made that are waiting to be quilted.

This was a case where I saw a block and wanted to try it out. The pale blue fabric in the squares was a fat quarter that had the word Baby written on it. The others fabrics just fell into place. It really needs a border but since it wasn't intended for anyone, I just put in the plastic bin with the other baby quilt tops. Most of the tops in the bin are pre-printed panels.

This is one that I am planning on finishing but I don't know what kind of a border to put on it. Perhaps I should see if I still have those fabrics somewhere in my stash. It will be hand quilted and the plain blocks will have cute things quilted in them. This will now stay out of the plastic bin and will go on the pile of "to be quilted."


  1. Interesing quilt, the first one! This one doesn't really need a border, I think.
    But the second one would be nice with a soft colored solid.

  2. The first quilt looks interesting, I can see why you wanted to try it out. A coloured border or wider binding would be nice on the secon one.

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