Monday, April 11, 2011

Every Inchie Monday #15

Peace: the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.  

 A tribute to Canada's involvement in peacekeeping.

History of the United Nations Peacekeeping.
In 1956, a UN General Assembly resolution called for the setting up of an Emergency Force to secure and supervise the cessation of hostilities in the Suez Canal area. This was the first UN force to be established for peacekeeping purposes. Previous UN missions from 1948 - 1956 in the Middle East and Kashmir had consisted of military observers, but were not designated as "peacekeeping" missions per se.
This resolution in 1956 was the brainchild of Canadian Lester B. Pearson, subsequently a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and our Prime Minister, who proposed that the United Nations send a multinational contingent to the region. "My own Government would be glad to recommend Canadian participation in such a United Nations force, a truly international peace and police force," said Mr. Pearson.
His vision of a UN peacekeeping force was a multi-national force to separate the combatants, lower tensions, and ultimately mediate negotiations in order to bring lasting peace to the area. So for the first time, a military force was dispatched - not to impose a settlement - but rather to facilitate it. A good description can be found on the UN website.
In 1988, some 30 years after Lester B. Pearson was awarded his Nobel peace Prize for first proposing the creation of a UN Emergency Force, the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize collectively for their contributions to reducing tensions around the world.
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