Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby gifts and other goodies

So, now I can reveal some of the baby things that have been made.

This is the rag quilt that I made. It is big but will be useful for several years. One side is blue and the other pink. The parents of the as yet unborn little one chose the fabrics from my stash of flannels when they were here at Christmas.

The half-circle cushion cover that my daughter Laila requested. Unstuffed, of course, since it would have taken up way too much room in the box - the other side of the cushion is a solid purple flannel. And then there was  the crocheted little pram blanket that my mother made for Laila when she was a baby - my mother's first grandchild.

These absolutely gorgeous sweater sets came from Midge over at Soggibottom. Since I don't knit well, and since we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, Midge covered both bases. And she even made a bear blankie.

For those of you who don't know, Midge makes bears. I absolutely love these outfits and the bear. They have now been delivered. Many, many thanks Midge.

 And lastly, I won three Eclectic charm packs from Riel. She was having a Blog-O-Versary Giveaway. Thank you so much Riel - now all I have to do is find a suitable pattern to use these gorgeous fabrics.


  1. Such lovely items for your first grandchild! When will the baby be born?
    And congratulaitons on your win!

  2. oh what amazing and wonderful things for the baby!!!! Dolores!!! love these and congrats on your win!!!!

  3. This will be a lucky little baby to have all these pretties to use/wear!

  4. Such cute baby things! Love the bear blankie.

  5. What wonderful gifts for your grandchild. Congratulations on your charm pack win!

  6. Oh oh oh. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous - all of it - how absolutely special of Midge to make such gorgeous things for your grandbaby! Good idea to make the quilt big, that is awesome and it won't be put away after a year. So sweet to have Laila's pram blanket - I'm saving blankets from my boys that my mother made, for their children. This baby is surely well blessed!

  7. Ha ha, you blogged them :-) Thanks Dolores :-) So pleased they were delivered. Not long to wait now NANA :-)
    Lucky baby to be wrapped in one of your quilts. :-)xxx

  8. Such wonderful gifts for the baby when he/she makes an arrival:-) Love the quilt you made. I still have the blanket that my mom crocheted for Shawn when he was born and I will always treasure it.

    The bear blankie and the little sweater sets are so adorable. Your friend does beautiful work as well!!

    No doubt you are counting down the days until your first grandbaby is born:-) xoxo


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