Friday, September 3, 2010

For the writer

I really wanted to sew garments again and Mark wears what I sew. I asked him if he wanted me to make him a short-sleeved shirt and he said yes, since he only had one (other than t-shirts.) So, I took some of this - beige, denim-looking fabric...

and I used this pattern. It had been hanging around for years and looked quick enough to do. There is no back yolk and the collar is in one piece. The sleeves are sewn together with the side seams so there is no set-in sleeves. Even then, after not sewing shirts for quite a while, I mis-sewed the hem. It was only the front quarter and easy enough to unpick.

Mark came over last night to deliver extra copies of his new novel, SNOWMEN and tried it on without the buttons. It fit well and then I had him choose his buttons. I had lighter ones picked out but they were a tad bigger. He preferred the little ones. He won't get it until after the long weekend since he is writing again and supporting his friends who will be doing the marathon 3-day Novel Contest.

Note: He informed us that there will be a review of his book in a "small" American publication around Christmas time. Perhaps you've heard of it - Playboy Magazine?

Mark just dropped in on his way out of town and so he took his shirt with him. Of course I had to take a photo before he left the building. (those are my quilt frame boards behind him.)


  1. Wow you did a beautiful job on this, you're amazing - seriously, I can't sew a garment to save my life, and I'm just in awe. Glad to hear Mark is writing, and wow Playboy? Good for him!

  2. Hello dear Dolores:-)

    After my crazy busy summer things have finally settled down and I now have more time for the computer again. Feels wonderful to be back to blogging!!

    I see that you've been having fun sewing again and I'm just so amazed at the wonderful work you do. That shirt is just perfect and no doubt Mark loves it!! Speaking of Mark, good for him for doing so well with his writing:-) xoxo

  3. Wow, lucky Mark! Clever Mum and Son!!

  4. There is no way on earth that I would ever attempt to make a shirt (or any sort of clothing other than my jackets)! Great job. AND playboy - that's great!!!

  5. wow - amazing what you can make - he look very handsome :O)

  6. Great shirt! I stopped sewing clothes when my boys started school ...

  7. Hi Dolores,

    How wonderful that you made such a lovely shirt and Mark must be happy with that.
    Looks good on him.
    Also well done for the book and neat news that he has an article in Playboy.

    Happy weekend

  8. Hello Delores,

    Your son looks so smart in his new shirt. I don't think I will be buying the magazine!!! Though it seems to be bought for the articles.
    Have a great week Delores.

  9. Mark looks great in his new shirt Dolores! What fantastic fabric! :-) And what a talented chap he is - wow! :-)

    Hugs! Vikki xx

  10. Wow, Dolores, very very talented! Looks great on Mark!
    How exciting about his novel.

  11. PS: I enjoyed reading 'about the book'! I always enjoy reading books about 'difficult' relationships.
    Congratulations on this great achievement!

  12. Wow, you sew really well Dolores, he looks very stylish in his new shirt:)

  13. next thing you know he will be modelling for some fashion mag......


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