Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back from my trip

I haven't posted in a while because I have been away visiting my eldest daughter Laila and her husband Gilles in beautiful British Columbia - the interior to be exact. The bag in the previous post came with me. I like to travel light and didn't want to check any luggage. I just used the bag I made and another small duffle bag as carry-ons. It was a wonderful trip and the weather was great.

 My daughter lives about 3 hours away from a main airport and so, having arrived, we had some lunch, did a bit of shopping, and then we were on our way. There was a lot of this...(highway)

and this...(hills, trees and mountains)

and a bit of this...(sightseeing) 

 and more sightseeing. This is truly a unique junk antique yard. The store was closed for the day but I got to peek inside and it is just as full with old stuff. 

You name it and they probably had it.

 Looking for an old pump? Or perhaps one in green is more to your liking. Take note of the antlers behind the old pump on the right. You can pick one up, hang it up at home and pretend that you were a great hunter.

The properties in this part of B.C. are a fair size and are usually farms or ranches. This tractor can be a useful mode of transport or...

you can always use a buckboard or a buggy.

There is something to be said for the old way of life but...

we decided to use the modern (public) facilities. We left the town of Clinton and got on our way since we still had several kilometres to go yet. My ears kept popping with the change in altitude and I found it wonderful that it stayed light until quite late. Ten o'clock at night was still enough light to see by but then again, it got to be daylight really early too. Not a nice thing to have daylight streaming through the blinds at 4:30 a.m. when you want to sleep.

My main reason for going to visit at this time of the year was that there was a rodeo going on and because I am a fan of the stampede, I decided to see the one that was taking place in the town of Williams Lake. More photos to come.


  1. Welcome back!!

    Great photos and commentary!!! 8-)

    It is nice to travel and only have to worry about carry-on bags...

    Have a great day!

  2. Dolores that looks like a wonderful trip, the country is SO beautiful! Love the pics and boy would I love to wander around that antique shop for about a month!

  3. Great photo's Dolores.... no your alright.... about the antlers....
    you know what they say about one persons junk though.... I keep telling everyone to help themselves in our attic.... no takers so far.

    HAT ?
    :-) x x x

  4. glad you had a good visit......your photos tell the story of a great time!!!! :))

  5. Looks like a good trip. I'd love to see Canada one day - all of it!

  6. Welcome back Dolores.
    It was great to see your holiday photos, and the antique shop looks interesting.

    Happy week

  7. Interesting photos. Maybe a good thing the antique store was closed?

  8. Great header photo Dolores!

  9. Welcome Back!!! looks like you had a wonderful vacation!!!!

  10. There you were...hanging out in my old stomping grounds...well..not quite Williams Lake...but, I was raised in I was there a time or two....


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