Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YouTube and his and her aprons

Just sitting here checking out my blog buddies and listening to Marco Antonio Solis on YouTube.  It's raining so its indoor activities today. Cleaning floors, sewing, you get the picture... Youngest son Eric, left this morning to visit big sis Laila. He is on the plane to BC as I write this and won't touch down for another two hours. He took with him the little housewarming gift of the wonky houses quilt and the following two aprons. My daughter and her husband have birthdays in August and she requested aprons. All their stuff is in storage until the 10th or 11th of August while they, with the help of Eric, take down wallpaper, paint and lay new flooring. Oh yeah,and cut the grass, make trips to the dump and generally clean up their new 'old' home. I helped Eric stuff his huge bag (looked like a big sports bag) and close the zipper. I had repaired it since some of the seams had come apart after little sis used it. I was shown one hole but found two more areas where the seams were splitting and so, when I saw how much trouble Eric was having closing the zipper, I prayed that the bag and its contents all got to BC safely. On top were these two aprons.
I took shots of fabric when my daughter requested 'countrified' fabrics. His apron, being modelled by Eric last night, is a blue gingham that I thought was blue and black but it's really two shades of blue.
The fabric in this apron that Maili is modelling is heavier than quilting cotton - but not as heavy as twill or duck. The colour is a check in peach and pink.
And this last apron that Ayla found in the cupboard is years old. It is a gift I made for Father's Day as a barbecue apron. All the little ones signed their names at the time (I think someone signed Ayla's or helped her form her letters.) Anyway, as you can see it has been used - although not lately and features a 3-D hot dog and hamburger. I loved making it with all the things we like on our dogs and burgers - mustard and relish on the dog and a tomato (or ketchup) and an onion on the burger. All fabrics were cotton polyester or whatever was in my stash at the time. The onion was embroidered and the relish was just raw-edge applique (tacked.) Way ahead of my time with that. On second inspection, I wrote most of their names on it - so it is really old!!


  1. oh what fun!!! I love aprons and these are wonderful!!!!

  2. it made me laugh seeing your son model the apron he looks well chuffed there he looks very Mr Sheen,,, hee hee, I think the apron look great in the shops to buy they are so expensive.

  3. You have certainly been a busy gal Dolores!!! Wonderful items made or in the making! Good stuff! 8-)

    I've been avoiding blogger as you probably have noticed... Just not much into it right now... Taking a bit of a break I guess.

    Thanks for the award! 8-)

    Hope you are having better weather there, than we are here!

    Happy stitchings!

  4. Those aprons are darling - love the appliques on the last one! Sounds like your son has his work cut out for him when he gets there.

  5. Your aprons are all so lovely Dolores and will be fun for all the family.

    Enjoy your weekend

  6. it looks like you guys really know how to barbecue! Well Done!!(that's how I like my burgers and sausages!)

  7. Fun aprons! Great 'models' also....

  8. What good sports your kids are letting you post photos of them in aprons on your blog, especially your son :) One of these days I am going to make myself an apron too. I don't cook, but it would be good for when I paint :)

  9. Such fun! I LOVE the photos - the aprons look great being modeled like this. They will love them!! :) Silke

  10. Lovely photos. If he's anything like our son - his luggage will be packed to the gunnels! I love the aprons - they'll get loads of use out of them.

  11. Always love to see your postings Dolores. They are always so interesting and crafty. The aprons are great and how nice to see your family modelling them.

    Your daughter has done beautiful faces on those heads. Look forward to seeing the bodies when they are created.

  12. Lo primero que me ha llamado de tí Dolores es como cogias a tu perro,lo que me dice que amas a los animales,al entrar a tu blog,veo estas fotos donde por cierto estais guapisim@s con esos delantales preciosos y posturas de los modelos más elegantes de pasarela jajaj,me habeis echo reir,gracais amiga por compartir trabajo y cariño en tu blog,de echo me quedo de seguidora,besitos y nos vemos....


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