Friday, July 17, 2009

Back - for now and the quilt is finished

My wonderful middle daughter, the former Miss California, Maili, has downloaded Safari and that is the internet browser I am using. It is not perfect but it does work - at least for now. It takes a bit of getting used to - like anything new.

I have completed my little quilt and here are the pictures. It is a house warming gift for my eldest daughter Laila and her husband Gilles. They just purchased their first house together in B.C. 
I then auditioned border fabric and even though it is hard to see in this picture, I went with the process of elimination and settled on the darkest green. I only have a small piece of it left and so I figure, it was meant to be.
Next step was putting it together with the backing fabric and batting. 
I usually don't use a hoop when the quilt is this small. I just pin it all together.

Then I baste it all both ways about every 4 inches or so apart. It was hand quilted and bound. I had to use black to bind it since there wasn't enough of the dark green. The label is on and now I just have to put on the hanging sleeve.
I now have two aprons to make and a bag or two - and another quilt has been started and I have to get down to working on it.

**Some of the photos are clickable and so you can see a close-up. But some of them are not clickable. Does anybody know why this happens? It isn't Safari because the same thing happened in Explorer.


  1. YAY! You're back online! Those quilt photos are very pretty!
    I got your comment...thanks for telling me! You are so nice. It is so nice of Denise to "advertise" for me! She even sent me an email to let me know. She totally ROCKS! So do you for supporting me! :)

  2. This quilt is just gorgeous! I've never quilted before and am in awe of anyone who can. Your daughter is going to love this!! :) Silke

  3. Hi Dolores,

    So glad that you are back on line again.
    Your daughter is going to love the housewarming quilt, so beautiful.


  4. That quilt is gorgeous! Oh my. I really like how you framed the blocks.
    I don't know why some are clickable and some not. I have the same problem. I was using Flickr, and they were all clickable and would take you right to my account, but I haven't upgraded to pro yet and I'm almost out of space. I'm using webshots now and having the clicking problem you mention.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt. What talent you have!

  6. What a lovely housewarming gift!

  7. What a beautiful house warming gift!

  8. Two pics clickable this end. Love the orange.......Soggibottom cottage has this giving colour scattered around......
    Embroidery, my kind of quilt.
    x x x

  9. Wow. Gorgeous work. What a treat for a new home!

  10. Oooh you do such gorgeous work, I just love that quilt! I always admire people who know how to quilt, it's something I would have loved learning. Unfortunately no one around here seems to quilt to show me how!! Your daughter will just love this piece and it's such a perfect house warming gift:-) xoxo

  11. Hi Dolores, Well done on the quilt, it looks great!
    I think that pics are clickable as long as you leave them in the order they are uploaded. If you move them around afterwards they are no long clickable - that's what i've found with mine anyway.

    There was a computer spyware program which went 'live' on 16th July which you may have picked up. It attacks Zone Alarm (if you have it installed) and it prevents you from going on-line. This happened at work. The way round it is to change the date (to 2008) on your computer and then zone alarm will work again and let you get on-line.
    It will also then let you uninstall Zone Alarm.

  12. Lovely quilt Dolores, I like the Wonky houses and have a friend who is doing them too. I guess you can use a wide range of colors with too, but it's always good to use up something in your stash huh?

  13. Hi Dolores. Fancy your middle daughter being Miss California. Good for her. I had to download another browser because Internet Explorer wasn't working with parts of my blog. I am now using Firefox to read blogs and IE8 to write my blog, as I can't write it in Firefox. Very complicated but it seems to work ok. Firefox is very easy to use. Good luck with Safari.

    Gorgeous quilt you have completed. I love the colours you have used. Lucky daughter and husband to have such a clever mum.

  14. Thank you all for your kind words on my little quilt. Thank you to for all your help in explaining the problems of the computer and clickable pictures.

    BTW, I am sorry for those who think my middle child, who is also the middle daughter, is or was a Miss California. It was my error. I just used that moniker when talking about her because she lived and worked there for 5 years. I called her that instead of using her name and I wanted to distinguish her from her two sister.
    My apologies.

  15. I love your houses! They turned out really cute!

  16. Lovely work, Dolores.

    P.s. Just sent you a blog award - check my blog...

  17. Your quilt is lovely!
    I think I know why some photos are not clickable: If you rearrange them after uploading to your post, they can't be clicked. Therefore I always try to upload them beginning with the last photo, and write my text between them. No harm trying if this works!

  18. Lovely quilt Dolores :) I've yet to have a go at one of these but am keen to do one. BTW I love the Kinsey Millhone books by Sue Grafton and have read all of them so far - up to 'T'
    Anne x

  19. Dolores, the Wonky Houses wallhanging is lovely. It will make a great housewarming gift for your daughter and SIL.

  20. The perfect housewarming quilt. I have the house patterns and one day will stitch them.

  21. Dolores, your stitchery quilt turned out lovely! Great work!!!

  22. I love what you did with the wonky houses!!

    As for the photos, in blogger you have to move them in your post in the html tab or they won't stay clickable. Don't know why...that's just how it is. LOL

  23. Very lovely! The perfect house warming gift!


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