Monday, June 22, 2009

Mail came and a new tote

Since I didn't win Natalie Ross' dear Aggie in a giveaway and I was going to get her anyway, I decided to go ahead and order her - from Fabric Patch (please excuse the blurry photo - the other one was too dark.) Well, then I saw Melly & Me's Florence. I had been thinking of buying her too since I absolutely love flamingoes. They came today and now I can make future plans to get them made.

If you are interested in free stuff - tutorials and patterns, here is at least one site for you to check out. I decided to make this really easy tote bag from Imagine Fabric, a link on Freebies for Crafters. It was very well explained and the photos were good. I am saving it for a gift for one of the girls (young women actually.) It measures about 15" across and 20" down and is fully lined. I just wanted to try out the pattern. I think I will try making a few other bags that are online freebies now. This one was nice because I got to use some of my stash. Quilters may be familiar with some of the fabrics - they are old.


  1. That is a lovely tote Dolores. Beautiful patterns and so nice of you to use some of your fabric stash to make it.

    You sound as if you have a lot of textile work in the pipeline. Look forward to seeing some of it on your blog. I am getting in the mood for some needlepoint now. I haven't done one for ages but when I see all the lovely crafty things people are making I want to do something myself.

  2. oh what fun to get some goodies in the mail!!!

  3. Great patterns Dolores!! I think that is the company that Lurline got her giraffe pattern from... I shall have to look into all their patterns! 8-)
    Thanks for the link to the bag pattern... Bookmarked!
    Happy stitchings! 8-)

  4. Lovely patterns you received and I love the bag you made!


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