Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giveaway and little things

I know Christmas is months away but you have to start sometime if you want to make something handmade for yourself or to give as a gift. Helen has a pattern "T'was the Night Before Christmas" that she is giving away. Go take a look.

On another note, I was uptown yesterday having lunch with a friend. It just so happens that she works right by the little shopping mall that houses the Toronto store of Mary Maxim. I had wanted to go visit the store for a while just to check it out. Loads of nice stuff for knitters, cross stitchers, rug hookers and crafters. This is what I ended up buying.

I have wanted the new DMC variegated threads and it just so happened that the store had a nice variety of them. The yarn was found in the back of the store where all the discounted items were and these were such a steal. I usually cannot make up my mind if I am given a choice between two and so this was not exception. I bought both. Who wouldn't at $ .99 each? I was going to see if I could crochet a flower or at the very least use it as a decorative accent on some sewing project.


  1. Variegated thread is a godsend Id be lost with out it, so variegated thread is a must as you can do so much with it. Thankyou for visiting my blog, always great to see you!

  2. Hope you win the pattern Dolores, it is beautiful but I know I could never get it done for this Christmas with all the other things I have on the go.
    I have the variegated threads too used them on my Shabby roses BOM which is still not done LOL

  3. I haven't used any variegated thread or floss as of yet... must go and buy some myself at some point... 8-)
    That yarn looks interesting... I'll enjoy seeing what you come up with using it... 8-)

  4. Twas the night before Christmas is a really lovely pattern Dolores. So pretty You have done well with your purchases too. I often find bits and pieces like that in local charity shops over here.

    Btw, I have tagged you on my blog but please don't feel obliged to carry on with it. I know a lot of people don't care for tags.

  5. You are going to love the new DMC Variation thread. The colour changes much sooner then the Varigated thread.

  6. oooh, yes....i just love a place where the price is so good i don't have to make choices, i can just put it all in my cart!! your new threads are beautiful....have fun playing with them!! :)

  7. I so admire people like you who know how to create such beautiful things with needle and thread/yarn. I have no talent in that department whatsoever! lol My mom is quite the seamstress and she also used to crochet and do needlepoint but unfortunately she didn't pass on those genes to me. You must have been so happy to see that yarn on sale...gotta love such a good deal:-)xox

  8. I too love those variegated threads.
    Your blog always brings back very happy memeories of my short trip to Canada.


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