Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kawartha Quiltmakers Guild quilt show (part 2)

I loved the whole show. There may not have been as many quilts exhibited as in some of the other quilt shows I have gone to lately but there were more hand quilted quilts to view. The variety of patterns was nice to see too. No two were the same.

It's amazing to think that you don't really need to do a lot of piecing to get a stunning quilt. Just let the fabric do the work for you. It would be a great quilt for a beginner to tackle.

Little dresden plates below. Once again, hand quilted. I know I do go on about hand quilting but it is becoming a rarity.
See the close-up of this appliqued quilt. Beautiful work.
I just love hand quilting and had to take a close-up for you to see all the little tulips in the border.

This quilt below, was just stunning. All hand pieced and hand quilted!!! (see the description which follows)

I just loved the blue fabric in this houses quilt. Everything came from the quilter's stash except the blue. Once again, hand quilted - by a church group if memory serves.
This plaid quilt was striking in its pattern and colour. I don't think I have ever seen one of these done before.


  1. love the show -- thanks for charing. The houses I think are my favorite; I love the playfulness they represent...

  2. Wow Dolores!

    The very first quilt shown is amazing! I love the colorful florals all neatly lined up in that diamond pattern.

    The quilt with the whimsical houses (near the middle of all the photos) is super colorful too!

    They must look amazing in person!



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