Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finishes and goodies

Here's blocks 3 and 4 in my BOM with Thangles. The fat quarter in the foreground is the only vendor purchase from my weekend quilt show. I needed something that went very close with the green in the block. I opted not to do the connector part of the BOM since I don't want my quilt to look like everyone else's. Now I see I need some of that mauve in the last block. My mauves just aren't doing it.
The Brampton Guild had their own sale of stuff and I bought a pkg of scraps for $2. Two of the pieces are fat quarters and the other one is close.I didn't need any patterns since my drawers are full but the prices of these got to me. The poinsettia freezer paper was $2 (I have done one before and now I want to make one for my mom), the Hallowe'en cross stitch was $1 and the raggedy doll pattern was $ .50. I'm not really that taken with Hallowe'en but my family is and so I figured if I got this done, one of them would get it. Also, I could just use the house on its own in something. There was a whole, unopened cross stitch kit selling for $2 which was an extraordinary find and was in my hands but I left it for someone else to find - wasn't that nice of me. The subject matter was the seaside and I didn't think I would end up doing it.


  1. i just love those wonky, so cute!! it looks like you ended up with some great finds from the quilt show! you got some great patterns, and i love your fat'll have lots of fun with those!! :)

  2. I love your wonky house, and I love stitchery too, just havn't done any in a couple of years now. It is so relaxing though I find, nice to sit outside in the summer and do it when it's not too hot :)

  3. Hi Dolores,

    I love the wonky house and how neat that you did a red door from the past.

    You got some good buys with the cross stitch and the fat quarters.


  4. Aren't these wonky houses just so adorable and enjoyable to do.
    Your fruit tree is more productive than mine, lol.

  5. Your wonky house looks great! I'm doing them too and am having so much fun with them! Have a great weekend! :0)

  6. Great blocks and goodies Delores! 8-)
    I'll be watching for that Pointsettia!!!

    Awesome show of quilts! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

  7. That Wonky House is definitely cute, Dolores, but I don't know how comfortable it would be to live in!



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