Friday, January 5, 2018

Psst free shipping

"Only in Canada, you say..."

Forgive me, that was a throw back to a tea commercial.

Anyway, Sew Sisters quilt shop has free shipping in Canada from now until January 7th. It saves postage, wear and tear on your vehicle, gas... You get the picture.

Hop on over. I have no affiliation to the store at all. I am just letting my Canuck followers know that they can shop postage free.

Here's some random photos of fabric (not what's on offer at Sew Sisters.)

I don't know where this came from.

Another bundle.

Older fabrics from a friend. I guess I should us the doggy one in a child's quilt.

See? Lots of fabric in my stash so I don't think I'll be purchasing anything. However, there was a really nice bundle...

Enjoy! Maybe you will find something that you can use in one of the BOMs that I listed in the previous post.


  1. I looked, I joined Dione at Clever Chameleon Quilting, and have cut out, and pressed onto baking paper the red bear!!! Fabric in stash, I found I had ample to sort through, small pieces of batiks are always saved. Thanks so much for the links to the other BOMs as well, this was so handy to have them all there.


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