Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I have finished a couple of things lately.

Little llama got finished with his blanket.

Patric with a little llama love. He's wearing an apron because he painted a bird house.

Blue, his favourite colour.

Then he got into beading.

This shoulder cowl is done too. I started it quite a while ago (last December) and it was meant for my daughter, Laila. Since she was here visiting, I figured that I may as well complete it once and for all so she could take it home with her. She has a home office in her basement and so I wanted to make something to keep her warm while she's on the computer.

I have started some knitting but can't show it since it's a gift. You see, there are two more babies due later this year. At least baby things don't take that long to do. Busy times ahead...


  1. Blue and more blue, everything is beautiful, a bird house and the cowl is stunning.Llama, what a photo to treasure.

  2. A blue-tiful post, Dolores. (Sorry, had to do it.) The joy these things bring will last a long time. I love the llama especially!

  3. Aw Patric looks so happy with his llama!!! That cowl is just lovely on Laila. Perfect for keeping warm while still using your hands. Two more babies on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are blessed!

  4. Two happy looking fellows - both the llama and little Patric! Two more babies? Wow - are they another set of twins or two separates? Lucky you to have more babies to love.

  5. The llama turned out just lovely and big. Great birdhouse. The shoulder cowl is both beautiful and practical.


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