Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another little piece

This time, it's a t-shirt.

I had some cotton knit sitting on the shelf.

And I had some matching ribbing. I put the two together and made a little t-shirt. I don't know which of these photos is closest to the true colour. It seems I am using up the stash on my shelves one garment or one project at a time. I didn't even have to buy thread because I had some that was the exact same colour. I am so happy that my electronic Kenmore has a variety of stretch stitches and that it's still in working order (purchased circa 1980s.) It needs to have a cleaning and a tune-up soon. That machine has made so many things over the years. I don't know what I'll do when it finally quits on me.
I'm off to put a border on a quilt now and then get it onto the frame.

It's a nice day out today. We're headed to a barbecue later - no cooking for me.
Stay safe.


  1. Lovely T shirt, and when I start a project, am so happy to find matching thread, I have spools from years ago that are still as good as new, no breakages at all. Hope your machine sews for many more years.

  2. That's a cute little shirt. Nice that you are using your stash. One of my machines in a Kenmore; it's small and has maybe twenty stitches but I love it. I bought it in nineties from Sears. At that time the Kenmore was really a Janome. Hope the cookout was fun.

  3. Cute little t-shirt! Isn't it nice when everything works out like that>? Wishing you many more happy stitching times with your machine!

  4. Sweet!!! That machine should keep going forever, especially if you get it serviced. Hope you enjoyed the bbq!!

  5. Fabulous little tee! I love the color either way. I hope you won't mind if your Kenmore goes forever. Mine, although mechanical, was bought in 1969, still going strong!

  6. Perfect little T-shirt! Doesn't it feel great to put those little fabrics into use? When my kids had grown. I made little shirts and dresses and shorts for the Red Cross using all the fabrics that were too small to make clothes for my own children.

  7. Isn't it the best to be able to make something out of what's already in the stash? I've been trying to do that very thing for at least the last year and still can't say that I've made much of a dent. One of these days I might be forced to set foot in the fabric store and it might come as a complete shock to the system.


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