Thursday, February 4, 2016

Handmade - Part 1

Making something by hand:
It's a slow process. It can be un-exact - meaning that it's not perfectly made because it is hand made. But there is thought behind it and often a whole lot of love.

 I wanted to make little Teemu a nice warm winter hat.
My eldest daughter was with me when I went to buy some yarn. I was hoping to find a nice variegated yarn and the bonus was that this Paton's Decor yarn (Reflection) has 25% wool and is machine washable. So, I tried out a new (to me) pattern. This is the 12 month size and turned out to be OK. I tried it on the twins because I wanted to make them each a touque too.

 This yarn is Bernat's Sheep(ish) Stripes in Femme(ish) and turned out to have 30% wool. It too is machine washable. I really like variegated yarns and will be making one more but I think I may just make it one size up. The pattern is super easy and is just knit one, purl one. I'm adding about a half inch in the length for this one.

The dud. I got this far and I'm not liking it. It's a thinner yarn- King Cole's Drifter DK in Boy Blue. I love colour but I didn't like how the rib was working. It seemed way too loose and that's why I changed patterns and yarn and went with the Decor for Teemu. I'll find another use for this yarn.

Hand made or handmade may be slower but sometimes, it's just the way to do things.

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  1. Hand made is always the best, parents so appreciate, and others who knit, stitch, sew or quilt, know just how much thought, time and love goes into every item. Love those yarns, specially the pink and grey.

  2. Hand made is best! I love the yarns you are using.

  3. Hand made is always best - because it comes with so much love! The hat is wonderful, love the yarns!


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