Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday treat

It's so nice to know that what you make gets used and is appreciated.
Here's Super Patric (my little grandson) wearing the cape I made for him - off to save the world.
Sorry the photo is so small but that's how I get them when they are taken on a phone. I tried to make it bigger but it just got pixelated.

The little 8" leg warmers fit! Now, I just have to make another pair. Sorry for the blur but it's hard to get little ones to stay still for even half a minute.

Three turns were taken on this quilt. I'm hoping for two more by the end of today.
This is one of the patterns that my friend Judy has given to me over the years. She also gifted me with some great fabric for the border. Once I find that fabric, I'm thinking of making this so it can hang in the hall - probably for next year.

The weather is absolutely great for the rest of the week so I'm heading out for a walk now before it gets too hot.


  1. The leg warmers are adorable...and LOVE that scrap happy quilt!!

  2. Superb leg warmers, love the crow design, and beautiful quilting, progress is going so well.

  3. Loving how those legwarmers look--so cute! that pattern looks like fun...and such a pretty quilt--looks like falling diamonds...hugs, Julierose

  4. Lovely pictures you shared. How great that your grandchildren enjoy what you make them!

  5. It's a bird - it's a plane - it's Super Patric!!!!!!!! Too cute!!!! And oh those little baby legs in the legwarmers, so sweet - your quilt is looking gorgeous, hon!

  6. Great photos, Dolores! Love your Super Hero. And the leg warmers are very practical.

  7. Now I get the point of the baby leg warmers; what a great idea. Your quilt is looking better and better.

  8. Doesn't it sound odd to be able to say you're going for a walk before it gets too hot - in November - in Canada.


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