Saturday, September 19, 2015

Next up and an addendum

This gorgeous Bird of Paradise quilt pattern by Cynthia England was made by my quilt buddy, Judy. For some reason, she didn't want it and gifted it to me. I think it's absolutely stunning and right now it's on the frame being hand quilted. Those little butterflies are not part of the pattern - I just added them. I am hoping to finish this one quickly so I can hang it up on my wall. It would have been on the frame sooner but after cutting, wetting and ironing the backing that I had originally chosen, I decided not to use it. It seemed a bit heavier and since I was going to hand quilt this, I figured it had enough thickness with some of the seams to warrant finding another backing. 
This is the one I ended up using. It too was a piece that Judy gave me so I thought that was appropriate.

The width was close to the length of the wall hanging and so the stripes go cross-wise on the back. I used it because it had the same green in it as in the border of the quilt.

Just a little update on my previous post.

I won these Kona solids when Brenda of Scraps and Strings hosted a giveaway from Sew Sisters quilt shop.


  1. Sweet gift, and I like your backing choice.

  2. Wow, the wall hanging is superb, and Sew Sisters, the give-aways or vouchers, even down here in NZ, I can say how wonderful their fabric selections are.

  3. Lucky you! What a beautiful gift. Those Konas look very yummy.

  4. Don't you just love it when someone gifts you with something like this. Your gain is Judy's loss!

  5. Wow what a gift, it's gorgeous! I love the backing you picked for it. Congrats on a great win!

  6. Really nice job, Dolores! Well done!!


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