Friday, May 8, 2015

The rest - part three

I've been busy but I'll try to post the rest of the photos from the quilt show. In the past days' photos I showed two quilts by different people but using the same pattern. I'll start off today by showing another couple of duos.
Warning: This post is super heavy in photos.

A fun little baby quilt done with hexagons.

A cute matching bag.

A wall hanging.

The wonderful nine patch.

In soft mauve and in pink.

Sorry I didn't take a photo of the backing fabric. It had mauve and pink in it.

Looks the same, eh? Take a look a the quilting design.

 A mini version.

Soft pastel.

Another mauve quilt.

Simple, clean lines.

It's too bad that there wasn't any indication as to the size of this quilt. Measurements would have helped.

I love all the bright fabrics.

Truly Canadian.

Carol Goddu does some wonderful work.

Here's a close-up. People were admiring it so I could get too many photos.

See? You can get inspiration from anywhere.

This is a tiny mini that is also by Carol. I saw it at another quilt show and noticed that I had the same sky fabric. It's just another example of letting the fabric do the work.

This past week was the 100th anniversary of the poem "In Flanders Fields" by Canadian, Major John McCrae.
For more of the story:

 This is only a wall hanging and it's the first time I can remember seeing One Block Wonder blocks this small.

It was nice to see the fabric before it was cut up. Frogs!

This reminded me so much of a leaf pattern I made up for my daughter's quilt.

It's nice to see she got creative and made her own pattern too.

This looked like a fun quilt to make.

Another Canadian themed quilt.

An adorable mini.

I'm not seeing that many minis being made these days.

Lots of fun things about this little landscape.

An interesting quilt made from a panel.

Creativity at work. These are the fabrics.

Sorry for the blur.

 A first quilt!

This photo I took for Ulla. She has worked with transforming shirts into quilts.

 For all of you who enjoy machine work.

The centre.

The quilting.

And I leave you with this quilt.

I just really liked the colour combination.

Well, that's it, that's all for now.


  1. All so different, and so hard to find the favourite, maybe "tropical Punch" but Lest We Forget is up there too. The story of John McCrae, and when he wrote the poem is heart-warming, sad, and it is so important down here, and much more so on ANZAC day, when we commemorate the Gallipoli landings, on April 25th., Very fitting, on the 100th anniversary, to have that quilted in memory.

  2. I just really appreciate seeing a quilt show on your blog. I live quite remote and rarely get to a quilt show. Wonderful talented quilters in Canada.

  3. I love how the quilts are quite diverse!!! You get a little of everything at your shows. My favorite is the day at the beach - I wish she'd do a pattern of that. I've thought about doing the same type of quilt, I love making wall hangings from vintage ads, but usually paint the fabric, then quilt it. Great show Dolores, thanks!!

  4. Again, I loved seeing all those quilt! It's amazing what people make!
    And you do a great job taking pictures of details, so that I take a better look at the whole quilt again! Very inspirational!

  5. Great pictures thanks for sharing.I love the little sheep hexi bag,just my thing.x

  6. Beautiful quilts - but the stained glass one totally blew me away. Gorgeous!!


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