Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter sewing

I made Easter baskets for the little boys but of course, I forgot to take a photo before the package was sealed. I asked my daughter to take a photo so I could post it on the blog and here they are.

Identical baskets with different coloured lining.  I have had that Easter egg fabric for eons and never found a use for it. I only had a half metre but it was enough for two baskets with a bit left over.

Big enough for whatever the Easter bunny left.

I got some lovely deep pink tulips from my daughter Maili.

This is what Easter Sunday looked like. It was nice enough on Good Friday for lawn chairs.

Two days later, snow. It's all gone now.

I managed to get a little mug rug sewn.

The Easter fabric came in handy again.

This is a little 5 inch Dresden plate. It's so cute. I may just make more. The pattern was supposed to have 19 blades but it wouldn't lay flat so I took two blades away and voila, a flat plate.

I hope your Easter weekend was a great one. The little boys and their parents left Saturday and made it home safely.
I'm off to finish up the little shirt today and maybe get some knitting done.


  1. Such sweet basket. Lovely bright colors.
    Oh dear, snow again ... Funny to see the summer chairs covered with snow.
    And what a cute DP and MR!
    Happy week.

  2. Nice baskets for the grandsons. I do like the little dresden. I love that block so much and have yet to make one. Happy Easter.

  3. Hello Dolores,

    The boys would have loved receiving their eggs in the baskets, the fabric is lovely as a mug rug too. The dresden block is very cute, funny how it worked out with two less.

    Happy days.

  4. Wasn't seeing that snow a shock! But it melted quickly. Love the little baskets. Great use for that fabric. Cute little mug rug too. And the Dresden plate is adorable.

  5. We did the same thing last week Dolores! It got up to +20C .... we got all the patio furniture out of the shed and the garage .. set it all out ...and, today it is like yours... full of snow! Sheeeesh.......! Here we were .. all ready planning to break out a beer over the weekend and sit on the chairs... but, Mother Nature had other plans... if anybody hid any eggs outside they were wearing toques and parkas looking for them........

  6. lovely Easter baskets Dolores....I'm beginning to wonder if Winter will ever end....

  7. The Easter bags/baskets will be a fun tradition for many years. The mug rugs are sweet. Love the colors of the dresden plate.

  8. Those baskets are cute. I really like the fabrics that you used for the Dresden plate.

  9. Wow, you are a busy bunny ;)
    Yeah, that snow was such a downer !

  10. Bummer about the snow! Those bags are darling, what a great idea. Better than those little plastic baskets for sure. I LOVE your little mug rug, so darling!!!

  11. So happy and pretty baskets! I' m sure the boys loved those!


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