Monday, December 22, 2014

Decorating and collections

Lots of red and white.
 Ziggy Santa and a Garfield angel.

Coca Cola drinking polar bear.

Three Santas all together.

Snowmen, a penguin and a couple of trees.

Santa with his list, my birdie Santa and a trio of polar bears.

The Christmas Star is up in the hallway. I wonder how many people will notice?

I'll just show you a few ornaments. This one was made by my eldest daughter Laila.

I wish she would make more but she's busy with two little boys who take up a lot of her time.
 Many, many years ago, a member of our guild taught us how to make these folded ribbon Christmas pine cones.

I don't remember how to make them anymore (I'm sure there are you tube videos out there) but I do remember that they take a lot of little sequin pins.

Before grandchildren came along, I would get my children and their significant others an ornament each year.

Both of these obviously belong to Eric. One day he can take them and put them on his own tree.

I have several cross stitch ornaments I should be making. 

Maybe I'll start making one for each of the grandchildren...

I leave you with this collection. I honestly didn't know I had this many stuffies that could hang (I know that the first one isn't but the rest are non-breakable.) I thought that the little ones would get a kick out of these. If they get pulled off, that's fine.

Cookies are made. They were so easy and if I run out, I can always make another batch.
Today is cleaning day.


  1. Great fun to see your decorations! We bought or made ornaments for our boys each year as they were growing up with the plan that they would take them when they got their own homes. When we moved to the apartment, space became an issue so the ornaments were packed up and handed to each of them to take home. Nope. Not one iota of interest, so they ended up in the thrift store. Hopefully somebody there got some use out of them. Kids can be funny!

  2. They're all lovely. I specially like the pine cones, but everything has memories associated so they are all wonderful.

  3. Your grands will love all of the characters you have nestled about the house. I love seeing Christmas decorations. The bird is a cutie.

  4. Love all of your Christmas decorations! I have been looking for my artificial tree for weeks and can't find it, so there are not many decorations up around my house. We will be going to my daughter's house for Christmas, so I might just forget about decorating this year.

  5. Very nice, warm and welcoming decorations. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. I love your Christmas Star quilt above all.

    Hauskaa Joulua to you and your family!

  7. It sure looks like you were ready for Christmas, Dolores - I hope you had a very happy one!! Love all the decorations, we didn't do any this year. I especially love your Christmas Star quilt!!


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