Sunday, December 1, 2013


It's my favourite candy - marshmallow.

 Not just at Easter with little chicks anymore. My daughter spotted these gingerbread man Peeps and since she knows that I like them, they were purchased and brought home. They do have a mild gingerbread flavour too.


  1. Got to get me some of those!

  2. My other half loves ginger in anything. He'd love those!

  3. I'm the opposite ...I don't really like marshmallows at all.... but, we have a marshmallow world out here right the Christmas-y sense of the word..... lots of snow...and wildly blowing snow at that ...I have one HUGE marshmallow drift hanging over the edge of the garage ...I'm going to try for a pic... but, the light is pretty flat and there is probably too much swirling snow to get anything..I wish the sky was brilliant blue ...

  4. Well, who knew? I thought they only made little chicks at Easter. Interesting!

  5. marshmallow is my grandson's favorite.

    AND I would have to say that my favorite ice cream treat is Ben and Jerry's SMORES

    oh darn, I had to think of that now. As there is none of either in the house at the moment :)


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