Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Quilt Along - November Part two

Here they all are, 25 little socks. They fit. That's all I wanted to make sure of. Now they are packed away waiting for the 1st of December.
The pattern was from Red Heart and the little socks are just ornamental. The original pattern shows them decorating a knitted pillow but there is no way I am going to knit a pillow cover and then put these little socks on it.

 More yarn to make more little socks but in Christmas colours this time to decorate the wreath I showed yesterday.

Some little boy is getting a horsey for Christmas. Handmade from a vendor at one of the craft fairs.

These little critters came home with us too from the fair.

 Just a bit of fabric was purchased. Remnants.

 I also picked up lots of nice, washable wool for gifts.

I'm off to make more little socks in Christmas colours. See you next month for the last installment of the 2013 Christmas Quilt Along. I'm linking up with Hazel this month who is the hostess for the quilt along.


  1. All those little socks! They do make a festive decor! Oh, a hobby horse - one of my favorite toys.

  2. How sweet are those socks on your mantelpiece! So cute!

    You made some lovely purchases too, and sound to have had a lovely day with your family.

  3. Your socks look great as a Christmas banner, and someone's going to love his horse I think.

  4. Cute socks! And I love the horse, reminded me of "Dobbin" that my sister and I used to "ride" when we were small. Thanks for sparking that memory :-)

  5. Your socks look fantastic up on the mantelpiece! Makes me want to knit some too.

  6. The little socks look just amazing! You did an awesome job on getting them all knitted up.

  7. If Santa dropped down your chimney and saw all of those socks to fill, he'd have to get another sleigh to haul enough toys. They look so cute. Those are nice items you bought at the sale.

  8. The socks are adorable Dolores , what a lovely colourful display they make !

  9. You are inspiring! I just love these little socks. But at this point if I did that just for decor purposes, my sons would frown thinking I was suggesting grand babies!
    Enjoying your stories!


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