Friday, January 13, 2012

A couple of handmade gifts

While I didn't make many gifts last year, I did manage a couple that have already been used.

My eldest daughter, Laila, bakes a lot and in our family, we have always covered our rising dough with a linen tea towel. Well, at the end of 2010, on May Britt's blog, she mentioned embroidered baking cloths. It seems that it is mainly a Norwegian thing. There, they have a separate cloth just for the purpose of covering your baking. I had purchased some linen from a church bazaar and made this. It's a variation on a design by Lisa Young. This photo was taken on Christmas day 2011 just hours after my daughter opened the gift.

 My middle daughter, Maili, wanted another beret. White this time, she said. It just so happened that I had a skein of bulky white yarn and so, I made this. It took the whole skein and Maili really likes it. She said that it's warm. Since we seem to have our first snowfall of the season today, she is wearing it.


  1. I love your baking cloth. Great idea! And your daughter looks amazing in her new hat. Hurray for snow! We finally have a bit of it.

  2. Handmade gifts are the best! My DH has decided he wants to go back to baking bread so I guess one of these cloths would be a good idea!

  3. I know these will be treasured and used - very thoughtful gifts.

  4. I don't bake bread, but I KNOW ONE OF US that does. What a great idea.
    Beautiful hat too Dolores, I never knew you were so good with yarn :-)
    :-) x x x

  5. Love the baking cloth, and Maili looks so adorable in her beret! She's a doll!

  6. I agree that handmade gifts are the best! Not only are they special one-of-a-kind gifts, they are a gift of time which is so precious.


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