Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mail came and other things

and this is what the mailman left me.

I won a giveaway that Cathy was having and it coincided with my birthday. Perle cotton embroidery threads in a variety of colours. I didn't have any Perle cotton but now I do and there are a few projects that I have in mind for them.

These are my quilting and other specialty threads. I am working on the quilt you see. When it's all done, I'll show you the whole thing. I didn't make it but I was responsible for it being made - if that makes sense. All shall be revealed in the next few weeks.


  1. Awesome grab!! Love the colors she sent you now I wonder what your artistic mind will think up

  2. Ha ha, great Dolores, would love to have a sneak preview of that quilt... but I will resist !
    I am also very remiss... Hope you had a great birthday. Hope someone else done the cooking :-) AND THE WASHING UP :-) I know two who are very good at washing up... :-) but don't tell them I told you.. :-) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES DOLORES. lots of love
    :-) X X X

  3. You never said how many candles you had :-)X X X
    Ha ha...

  4. Belated Birthday hugs for your Birthday! Looking forward to seeing the 'responsible' quilt.

  5. Hello Dolores,

    Oh you will love working with those threads. Have fun.
    Happy days.


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