Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been away. I went way across the country again to see little Luc - and of course, his mom and dad.

Before we arrived, little Luc helped mama and papa to pick apples.

Here I am just arrived at the airport. Want to guess who I said hello to first???

But Mummi wasn't alone this time because Pops came too.

The weather was great - no rain and not too hot.

We even had a barbecue at the neighbours. The view is wonderful - right across the Fraser River.

Mama made sure Luc was appropriately dressed for when the sun went down and it got cooler.

Many photos were taken in the one short week we were there.

I love this jacket on him - it's a cotton knit and it's reversible.

Lots of time spent outdoors.

 A bit of sight-seeing. This is Farwell Canyon. The water was a beautiful aqua colour.

In the neighbour's corn field.

Eating raw fresh corn right off the stalk. Tasted just like candy.

Mama with her new haircut.

Spending time with Pops. Little Luc was fascinated with the leaves moving in the breeze.

Always time for cuddles and hugs.

Time for naps too.

Time for play.

And Luc has even managed to find his fingers. The trip was all too short but filled with wonderful memories.
An overnight flight with a 3-hour time zone change can take a lot out of you.
Back to normal finally.
Now I am knitting and there are lots of sewing items on my 'to do' list. Stay tuned...


  1. Great photos it looks like the visit was full of lots of time with Luc - and his parents.

  2. So many touching photo's Dolores. What a lovely time you had together with your DH. Your grandson is a happy little boy!

  3. Hi Dolores,

    What a wonderful time you must have had with your family. I loved seeing all your lovely photographs and can see how proud you must be of precious Luc.

    Happy week

  4. Wonderful photos of what looks/sounds like a great time together Dolores! Awesome! 8-)

  5. Oh my goodness - what a happy baby - Dolores, he's too too beautiful!! What a blessed child to grow up in such a beautiful place. But nana and poppa need to move closer...I love seeing his little hats on him, he should be a model!

  6. Goodness how that little boy is growing, so glad you got to spend such a wonderful time with your family. Beautiful pics thanks for sharing.

  7. What a sweet little boy your daughter has! It must have been a great time with their family. You don't look like a Granny but like a Mummi.

  8. Yay Luc! He is beautiful and I can tell you had a great time together. That first pic of him in the orange hat in the box is my fave!!

  9. Hello Dolores,

    Beautiful photos of Luc,I love the one of him in the cornfield.
    Happy days.

  10. Memories in the making there Dolores!! Too darn cute! Looks like lots of fun going on there!
    Enjoy! 8-)

  11. your little luc is absolutely precious! it looks like you had a great visit! xox

  12. You look SO beaming & happy & proud! Awesome! I love the woman in the corn pictures! beautiful
    stitching in Saskatoon

  13. Oh Dolores - Luc is adorable! I can feel the love and pleasure just oozing out of this post! Looks like you had a wonderful time - and like you say - filled with wonderful memories!

    Big hugs! Vikki xoxo :-)


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