Wednesday, July 27, 2011


it just doesn't pay to rush...

 I thought I would try out the sizing of the little t-shirt. I have quite a few pieces of knit fabrics.

I thought I would use my serger and did one sleeve fine. I left it because I had to answer the door and when I came back to it, I serged the other sleeve. Except I didn't double check to see how I was sewing it and so I sewed it incorrectly. Luckily, I have a couple of metres of this knit fabric and I didn't stress over it.

I re-cut the pieces and re-sewed the shirt today on my Kenmore using a knit stitch. It worked fine and now it's done. Since hems always tend to stretch when sewn, I interfaced the hems with some lightweight knit type of fusible interfacing. Now I want to make the shirt with the button front. I made several for both my boys when they were small. As a matter of fact, I am still sewing shirts for one of my sons - Mark. Eric, whose birthday it is today, (Happy 29th Birthday) prefers store bought shirts.


  1. That's adorable!!! I don't sew clothing and am really in awe of anyone who can...I have TRIED. You did a beautiful job on this. Happy Birthday Eric-of-the-store-bought-shirts!

  2. Such a short seam: I would have undone the sleeve and used it again... Happy birthday to the young uncle!

  3. I'm always in aew of people who make clothes other people are willing to wear in public.

  4. Cute pattern Dolores!! Good for you on the T-shirt! Me? I don't do very well with T-shirt knits for some reason. I am good with sweatshirts/pants, but not T-shirts...
    You are going to have a wonderfully dressed grandson!! 8-)

  5. Hello Dolores,

    I love the little t-shirt,remember making lots of these. Happy Birthday to your son.
    Happy days.

  6. cute as a button!! bravo (if i tried to make something like that, it would be an absolute mess!!). xo


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