Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something new and the process

I had a bunch of these...
black and white fabrics and so I put them together with a bunch of these...

white and black fabrics but they needed a pick-me-up so I threw in...

a little bit of green.

Then I made some of these...

and some of these (blogger didn't want to co-operate with uploading the photo the way it was taken) ...

which I then put together like this many times over and ...

came up with this quilt top.

Note: I really didn't need to make another quilt since I have so many already but it was a nagging thing that needed to be done. Here's where I got the idea and pattern. They have only a pillow top as the pattern but really, it's so easy to make it bigger and into a quilt. I really wanted a lime green instead of this more emerald looking green but I couldn't find the one I knew I had and decided to use my stash. I do like free - patterns.


  1. Fabulous, Dolores! I love black and white and white and black fabrics and the green is just perfect to set them off.
    all the best,
    Dana Fisher

  2. I love it, Dolores! The lime green fits perfectly as heart to those blocks.

  3. I like this pattern Dolores! The little punches of green are perfect.

  4. This is a very striking quilt, Dolores - love the pattern and the colors! I know exactly what you mean about not needing another quilt but it needing to be made, lol.

  5. As always you are a mind full of information.
    I like that green.... :-) x x x

  6. Oooooo.... I like!! I like that very much Delores!!! Very nice!!! 8-)

  7. Wowee! That is stunning! Congratulations!

  8. I love the quilt - the green really brings the pattern to life.

  9. Wonderful, I love black and white. My next quilt will be a bull eyes in black and white, at the time I collected fabrics.
    Have a nice day

  10. Wow, that looks beautiful.
    Have a nice day


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