Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Stuff

This lovely piece of embroidery was made by me. I have no idea how old it is but definitely a lot older than the second photo. I'm pretty sure the pre-stamped toaster cover was purchased at either Kresge's or Woolworths. For years it spent time in the linen closet with a bunch of other old stuff until my daughter found it and decided that it should be used.

With Father's Day almost here, I thought I would show you all this beauty. This barbecue apron was made as a Father's Day gift from the little ones. Obviously Ayla was here so it must be about 25 years old (either that or I added her name later which would make the apron even older.) Believe it or not, it is clean but those darn stains will not come out.

I used a bit of stuffing to give these the 3-D look. Everything was made from scraps I had on hand. I sewed most of the children's clothing and there were (still are) a whole lot of scraps around.

Although these may be judged vintage by some, I just think they're old. Vintage would be what my grandmother had.


  1. i just love to discover treasures from the back cupboards too! Love theses! Old sewn items bring back floods of memories.
    I found some old patchwork things I did 10-15 years ago!I can't believe I made them, but I was attending classes at the time, and we had a very good ( and patient)teacher.

  2. Vintage is in the eye of the beholder - and I would say these are vintage and certainly would be treasures in my book.

  3. Hi Dolores,

    I love your old toaster cover and apron and they are such treasures to still have.
    I used to sew most of my children's clothes also.


  4. How wonderful to have rediscovered these treasures:-) Both the toaster cover and apron are just too cute! We don't feel old enough to have made things like that over 25 years ago, do we?! lol My mom used to make all my clothes while I was growing up and I still have a red velvet dress she had made for me one Christmas when I was about 3 years old:-) xoxo

  5. When we moved I still carted much of my old stuff with me. I love it.
    As Judy said they are treasures.
    I love it who ever brought the word vintage to life again..... it covers nearly everything, even me.
    x x x

  6. These are just GREAT! You could applique over the stains since you are such a whiz kid at sewing cleverness! Hope your week end will be well spent and summerish!

  7. both of these projects have so much love and charm to them......this type of retro stitching and embroidery is my absolute favorite!!! xox, :))

  8. Hello Delores, Yes you must keep on using them,just love that toaster cover. Hope you find some more treasure to share with us. Happy Days.

  9. How lovely to still have reminders of things you made so long ago Dolores. A little bit of family history. I bet your fabric stash is worth having a good old rootle around in. You get some fabulous things from Love the mini quilt too. Very summery.


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