Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas goodies

Isn't  this little guy just the cutest? I picked him up at Pet Smart a couple of months ago when we were there getting Baxter his senior dog food. This little guy was just $5.00 and I ask you, how could I not get him (should have picked up a couple more really.) He has squeeky noise-makers in both paws and both feet. My husband said I did not need another stuffed toy and wondered what I was going to do with him. He was quite persisitent and adamant that this little guy was not coming home with us. Then I said that this little, adorable, soft, stuffed doggy was going to to be given to Toy Mountain at Christmas. I have yet to make it to a mall that has Toy Mountain but I know that if there is another place (like Salvation Army) where I could drop him off, I will. He is sitting on a really bright quilt. More on that below.

Here's a full shot of this quilt. I did not make it. I bought it.
About three weeks ago, my husband and I went to some Christmas craft fairs. Two were in churches and one was in a nursing home. That's where I picked this up. I browsed the crafts that they had and nothing really got my attention. I did buy some baked goods (got to keep up your strength when shopping.) Anyway, there was table with used items manned by a woman sitting in a chair. I spied this quilt because of the bright colours but I did not pick it up to look at it. I went over to check out the silent auction stuff and then I noticed that the lady had picked up the quilt and started re-folding it. I asked my husband to go find out how much she wanted for it (I didn't want to seem too eager - you know how it is.) He said--------are you ready, here it comes---------"What are you going to do with it? We don't need it." I said just go find out. Well, he came back and said she wanted $5.00. Yes, you read right ---------$5.00!!!!!! I said to go and buy it. He did and it wasn't until I got home that I really took a good look at it. It is brand new, big for a baby quilt, made from scraps and leftover blocks sewn together to make a bigger block and machine quilted with a flannel backing. There was even a tag on the back from the maker stating that it was a baby quilt and was to go for the Christmas Holiday Bazaar. Even my husband said that there was more than $5.00 worth of fabric that went into the making of it (he knows the cost of fabric since I have so much.) I will save it for a special little one.

Here's what I received a couple of weeks ago from Carrie. I would have blogged about it earlier but I was without a camera and then, when I got my new camera, I had to figure out how to work it and how to download. Anyway, this is from the Quick Christmas Swap that Vicki and  Jenny hosted. No sewing or making necessary. You were to send two fat quarters, one yard (or metre) of ribbon and two Christmas themed buttons or something that you could sew on. She even tied it up in mini rick rack. Thank you Carrie. If you go to her blog, you will see what I sent her.

Now, I am off to go and sew some more Christmas things. I will post more of what I have already made but it is on its way to the little girl in London and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. More on her later too.


  1. I love looking at all your beautiful finds Dolores. How lucky you were with that bright quilt and the stuffed dog. I have never heard of a toy mountain before. We don't really have anything like that in the UK to my knowledge. Sounds like a great idea though.

    I had to laugh at your poor hubby. You must have a big house for all your finds and quilting stash. Ours is tiny and is overtaken with all my artwork and books...haha.

  2. Hey Dolores,
    $5! What was that woman thinking. What a great buy you got, for sure.
    Thanks again for my swap gift.

  3. Only $5? Wow!! You did get a steal, for sure.

  4. Cute toy - what a great idea for a gift for a child! Love love the quilt, my gosh five dollars. Had to laugh at what your hubby said. I'm still in shock over the price.

    Love your swap gift from Carrie!

  5. A great toy to donate, and a surprizing price on the quilt you bought! Lovely quilt! A $5.00 kind of day!!! 8-)
    Wonderful mailbox goodies too...
    Happy stitchings!

  6. Hi Dolores,

    What a bargain getting the quilt for $5 and I like your stuffed toy.
    Lovely swap gift.
    I hope that you are having a good weekend and I hope that Mali is doing well in London. Our daughter was over there this time last year.



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