Monday, April 6, 2009

Pour Moi

Here's my bling. Bought at a really nice store on the weekend just for me. Two lovely rings. A gift for me from me.

Another purchase for me. We had the family weekend dinner and I really wanted some colourful flowers. These will be planted in my garden when they are finished blooming. There was only one tulip open when I bought it but it didn't take long for the others to open up. It sort of makes up for today's weather. Sort of...


  1. Hi Dolores,

    Isn't it great to treat yourself with something that you love.
    Enjoy your new rings and the tulips.
    I did not know that they can put tulips in the garden, after they have flowered.
    I always thought they were an annual.


  2. Boy I have lots to catch up with! 8-)

    Love your Buffalo Woman! 8-)

    Your pets know where/what to do when it is miserable out there... 8-)

    Great X-Bag to send on with your daughter, and lovely pink tam/b... 8-)

    You had a bit of snow today! I can't believe it!!! This is a really weird Spring for everyone I think!...

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. Looks like the perfect weather for buying some cheer up treats!
    Nice rings and tulips.

  4. That weather yesterday was enough to make anyone need a treat like flowers and rings! I can't believe some of that snow has stayed on the ground. This is spring?

  5. Hey Dolores!

    Those rings are wonderful little gifts. That was very thoughtful of you to give them to yourself. LOL

    The bright pinkish-red tulips look great. What better way to liven up the indoors!

    After reading this post I think I need to treat myself more.



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